"Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science"

NEP Implementation

Scratch, Experiential learning, Robotics & animation, Kids coding, AI and Machine Learning, Data Science

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Dynamic and progressive growth Report

We ensure that the growth of any student is not hampered in any means and you are always aware about it.

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Implementing NEP 2020 for the brighter future of our Generation.

We are a fun-learning platform for the kids where they can learn coding and be future ready. CodeCalculus focuses on overall development of the kids with our interactive learning methods and creative teaching to help them evolve for the digital era.

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Your Technology Partner to Implement the 21st Century Skills at your School

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Affordable Cost

We provide the most economical packages in the market with an aim of educating kids from every section of economy.

Locations Throughout

Our services are available throughout the nation with tecahers avaialble in all languages keeping in mind the unity in our diversity.

Global Network

With our support and guidance we aim at providing an opportunity of global excellence and recogition to each child.


We provide certificates to all the kids onboard, it encourages them at the same time appreciates them to learn more.

Computational Thinking

A process of development of problem solving skills that involve expressing problems and their solutions in ways that a computer could also execute.

21st Century Skills

The process of learning coding includes coding skills, programming skills, implementation and innovation. It develops a basic understanding of basic programming logic, structure, and design.


STEM is an education curriculum with the idea of teaching students Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with a unique and technical approach.

Experiential Learning

A curriculum designed in such a way that focuses on “Learn by Doing”. It is a process of learning through experiences.


Computer science from class 3 onwards to enhance Logical Thinking and explain the concepts of the world of End less Posibilities through coding.

100% CBSE & ISC Curriculum

Our courses are based on the NEP 2020 (National Education Policy) and follows the curriculum that is required in CBSE and ISC schools.

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AI and ML

The mentoring is done on Python, AI, ML & Robotics. The students will be provided with hands on experinece on artificial intelligence projects and real life problems to solve with AI & ML.

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DIY Kits

Every student will be provided with live projects to work on and practice on HTML, Phython, Data Modelling, ML coding and AI modules.

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Make your school futuristic and your students Technically Sound.

Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. With CodeCalculus we help to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills with a focus on overall development of the kids.

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Our Pride, our Alumni. The story of their journey and success.

In the last decades, computer is one field which has seen a surge of growth. coding and programming are the backbone of this field. A young mind has an infinite capacity to absorb, children are vibrant and ready to experiment and code calculus is providing them a such platform.

Ritu Mishra
Senior Computer Teacher, TPS, Prayagraj

There is a major shift in the pattern of teaching these days, which is computer science and coding, students who are attending such classes are the active ones in the class, those who used to sit there now taking active participation.

Sujata Singh
Principal, DPS, Prayagraj

I am stunned to see students answering out-of-the-box and this is because of the new set of skills that are provided by the program. It is so much beneficial for their growth, so I would suggest everyone go for it.

Computer Teacher, DPS, Prayagraj

100% Guarantee for learning

With our unique approach and teaching mathedology we ensure a 100% guarantee of learning and success. With new concept of activity-based learning we aim at making them creator and innovator of technology rather than consumer.







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How we do it

Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions along with our self-learning modules, makes the learning comprehensive and not monologue based.

Live Mentoring

Students will be mentored and guided by our expert team of teachers. They will be provided with Hands-on experience in AI and real life problems.


Every student will have the opportunity to participate in National and international competitions and get recognized globally.